Questions / Answers

Why join VinylUnity?

Being member of VinylUnity is to become a participant in a group of fans of the analogue medium and independent record stores (unfortunately an increasing rarity these days).

VinylUnity is also a space for exchange and making connection between amateurs and professionals of the vinyl record. Each amateur can thus sell or buy vinyl records, share knowledge and experiences on the forum.
Record stores get the same benefits but may also have a real online store, where they can independently update their dedicated pages at any time (without special computer skills and without software) and be listed in the directory of VinylUnity record stores (VinylUnity Store Locator).

How to sell records on VinylUnity?

Just join VinylUnity and provide information about your Paypal account (First Name, Last Name and E-mail).
if you do not have one already, you can create an account for free on Paypal.
Once this is done, you can put up as many vinyl records for sale as you want.

I lost my password

To retrieve your password, enter your username or your E-mail on this page and your password will be automatically sent to your inbox.

How to listen to sound clips?

To listen to sound clips, you need the Flash plug-in that is available free at and you must accept the pop-ups.

I am a record store and I want to have my shop on VinylUnity

Nothing is simpler. Join VinylUnity by registering as a record store: you will have a dedicated page with information about your store (texts, map and photos).
This page that can be updated in real-time can be changed at any time in the "Your profile" area.

Lastly, you can put your records up for sale or upload the XLS lists: in order to do this, you must enter your Paypal information in your account.

How to digitise a clip of my vinyl record into MP3?

To digitise a vinyl, you must connect the audio output of your amplifier or your turntable to the line-in input of your computer soundcard. Once this connection is made, you can play your record and save it with the Windows sound recorder (available in Start> All Programs> Accessories> Entertainment) or with multi-platform, free software such as Audacity.
Save about 25 seconds of the clip, the resulting file will contain the digitised clip in an uncompressed audio format (.wav).
Finally, you must compress this clip in MP3 format using an encoder (Lame mp3 for example) to reduce its size and thus optimise its broadcast via the Internet.

Is it necessary to have a Paypal account to purchase a vinyl record on

No, you can pay directly with your credit card.

I have a company, I have no record store but I have an online sale site. Can I register as a record store?

Unfortunately, you cannot be in the list of record stores but you can register as an online music store.

I'm looking for a record that is not in the VinylUnity database. What should I do?

Publish your requirement under the heading "Vinyls wanted": thus, as soon as a member puts up this record for sale you will be notified by E-mail.

Which topics are prohibited in the forum?

Your topics will be removed if the material presented does not comply with our charter: no illegal content, no libel, no advertising and no selling on the forum.

How long will my ad stay on-line on the website?

Your "Record For Sale" ad will remain for 2 months after it has been posted on-line.
After these 2 months, you ad will be deactivated: you can then subsequently reactivate it if this record is still available for sale or delete it if this record has been sold by other means or is no longer for sale.

Do you have access to my Paypal account when I put up a record for sale?

No, rest assured, at no time do we have access to your account.
The Paypal information entered in your VinylUnity profile will simply allow us to offer secure payment directly linked to your ad.

I want to press a vinyl record

We have solutions for pressing vinyl records for which you can get prices on request. You must first be able to answer the following questions: Do you have a master of your music?
Have you completed the formalities relating to the legislation of your country?
How many records do you want to get pressed and in which format?

Do not be discouraged! This is a great adventure for which we shall be happy to assist you!