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Loïc Bussière will explain to us in detail the Why of the Vinyl, its history and the current importance of these highly popular records. Grandpa Vinyl is showing resistance at a time when the era of dematerialisation of music is in full swing, and when the CD is clearly taking its last breaths.

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Undoubtedly, a site for the DJs purchase/sale of vinyl records, specialised record store network, cutting and pressing of vinyl records (7 and 12 inches), etc. Bonus: the audiophiles will also find their happiness there…

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"WEB SITE – Yet more Vinyl – This month, in "La Revue du Son" (The Sound Review), we are offering you a special dossier on the vinyl. …"


Magazine & lifestyle Text by Vincent Portois "Which braggart dared to say that the vinyl record will disappear? Go and cast your eyes on the site of the passionate Max and you will eat your words!…"


"Vinyl? Solution! VinylUnity.Com could one day become the reference site of the budding DJ's, bargain hunters and other music lovers of all types (electro, disco, garage, minima…). Result of brainstorming by a group of volunteers, VinylUnity groups the "1D pros" from all walks of life (Bubble rec. Nantes, Audio Lan. Angers, Pigalle…), and future members desirous of selling the vinyl with "sleeve and sound" on the web for 0 Euro. In addition to free services, is a site replete with original headings where old hands and beginners are on the same "wavelength": docu, info, used, equipment and pro advice. Relevant right from the first click, the metallic welcome sets the tone in 4 effective planes (selection of the month / itw audio / 1 tech question: "how to adjust the anti-skid of one's vinyl disc at 3 points" with photos, "record stores" news and music mix evenings in France! "


"Strong return of the vinyl record. Since January 2003, a free tool has been made available…"

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"Strong return of the vinyl record. VinylUnity encourages and supports this new development…"

JAZZ magazine

"Notice to nostalgic people, collectors and other vinyl record "addicts", a movement is taking shape."


Text by Patrice Bardot "VINYLUNITY.COM - SAVE THE VINYL - Launched by an enthusiast, the VinylUnity website brings together independent record stores and trainspotters with the same desire of safeguarding the existence of vinyl records. All styles mixed."

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"VINYLUNITY - Let us announce the birth of VinylUnity, a website for all independent record stores, audiophiles, collectors and DJ's that allows searching, selling or pressing a vinyl record."

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Switch to radio nova, selected as the site of the day and then site of the week. Present for several months under the heading "best of the net" "VinylUnity, the vinyl network. The digital replaced the vinyl, it will now preserve it. It is based on this paradox that the independent record stores created this site: here one can buy vinyl records at throwaway prices, sell one's personal collection or find studios to press a disc. Vinylunity has just started but one can already locate a live recording of Johnny from 76, the Never mind the bollocks cult, the Uprising of Bob Marley. Bargain of the month: Soul Assassins, by DJ Muggs, hip-hop monument."