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The end of 2003 marked the end and the beginning of many things, but above all it meant the end of the famous 'underground' WGW secondhand record store. So it was! As you might imagine there was a purpose to this closure; the opening of the new WGW Store! Indeed the sleak new state-of-the-art WGW Store selling mostly new releases opened March 2004 at a location close to the old basement (Lange Nieuwstraat 126) and welcomes customers from Mon-Sat from 11am-8pm. The building hosting the store also lodges all WGW related labels and the new website. We are currently working on updating this site with new releases from the store, which will evetually enable customers to choose from 25.000 classic/retro records and a weekly selection of new releases. This is unique in Europe so far! Just use our search engine underneath to browse our database and find what you're looking for! Chances are you will! And if you can't find that exact mix you crave for, contact us for all your classic records or Serge for the new releases. We'll do everything we can to get that record to your doorstep. Thanks for visiting us!

Horaires d'ouverture de ce disquaire

All days from 11.00 till 20.00
Sunday Closed

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